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While brushing and flossing is a great way to prevent decay and damage to your teeth and gums, should decay form on your tooth, we offer a complete range of white composite and silver amalgam filling materials to restore decayed and damaged teeth.

Fillings bring back the integrity and function of the missing tooth structure. During your check-up appointment, your dentist will assess your teeth for these defects and using X-rays to pinpoint the location and extent of decay. Your dentist will then explain to you with clear guidelines with assistance of intra oral images and your x-ray where the decay has progressed and what the best plan is to restore your tooth.

Although the outside of the tooth is made of strong and hard enamel, your dentist might discuss other options for your teeth like a crown. A crown is a customised design to protect your tooth structure and gives it some extra strength. Crowns are often made of porcelain and metal alloy which is strong and can be easily matched to the colour of your surrounding natural teeth.

Crowns are often beneficial after large fillings, trauma and root canal treatment.